[Design] Backup Alerts & Import

I have started with something that was necessary in my opinion - trying to follow material design guideline. These are not big changes, but rather realignment. Once this is approved, I can push this to Zeplin and work on iOS changes.

Please keep in mind that I still did not get new icons for the tab bar.

Then, when the updated Wallet Tab on Android was built, I was much easier to me to build notifications. I made few designs. I like Design 4 the most.

Design_2 Design_3 Design_4

These are my favourite one.

Note that 3 dots icon (additional menu) is where you can set a reminder or disable these notifications (when we have a bug and it keeps notify an user for no reason)

I have updated the onboarding flow (when you create a wallet) and you need to back this up.

Other flow is when importing existing wallets:

All designs: