Keystore backup questions


I have a few questions in regards to this task:

  1. Shall I focus on iOS or Android first? Or plan and design for both devices?
  2. What are the expected deliverables? I could start with simple sketches/wireframes and then, once approved, I could build a flow in Sketchapp.
  3. @James-Sangalli What were the names of these 3 wallets you recommended me? I found the Trust Wallet only - I guess I misspelled the other 2.
  4. In case I backed up the keystore but forgot the password, is there any way I can retrieve the password?
  5. Do you use any custom UI alerts? Or all of the existing ones are based on the default system alerts?


Coinomi and mycelium

Yes, but expensive. There are professional recovery companies. AlphaWallet's team can also offer to keep the password on server for the user if they trust us. It wouldn't be just a UX issue but also a project on its own because it's non-trivial to set up that capacity. We will end up being simply contributing to the attack vector if we didn't do it right.

One way to find it out is to try and see how many elects to let us keep the password. I mean, we can build a user interface which a checkbox that says "keep a copy of password on AlphaWallet's server in case you forget it", and, if the user elects to check that checkbox, apologetically tell them that we don't have this one set up yet. This way we will know how many want it.

What alerts? Do you mean notification like the one on lock screen?