AlphaWallet released the report of world's first blockchain tickets experiment for 2018 World Cup

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[Sep 20, 2018 Singapore] Technology start-up company AlphaWallet released the report of world's first blockchain tickets experiment for 2018 World Cup after the event final ends.This is the world’s first global top sporting event ticket to use blockchain technology and one of the few blockchain based projects that is handling a real world legitimate use case.

This report is writen by AlphaWallet and Shankai, the two companies cooperated on the event using powerful blockchain technology. The tickets were issued on the ethereum blockchain using ERC875, a unique token standard to handle real world use cases. Upon completion of the experiment, AlphaWallet and Shankai now release the results with industry partners, with the longer term vision to use blockchain technology to create a more regulated, free flowing and well rounded ticketing market.

ERC875 helps mitigate this by requiring only the buyer to have to have ether in a trade and it allows each token to encode complex data about what the token is supposed to represent. This allows the user to understand important details about the tokens they have. The first use case our wallet will be handling is ticketing and for a limited amount of time anyone around the world will be allowed to buy and sell ERC875 World Cup tickets securely without having to worry about fraud.

The primary market refers to the market consisting of officially authorized channels under the supervision of the event organizer, such as the organizer's own official sales website,, Yongle Ticket and other officially authorized ticketing platforms and sales organizations.

The secondary market refers to the market consisting of sales channels that are not officially authorized by the organizer, including individuals, professional ticket sellers, and P2P market platforms.Both buyers and sellers have a love-hate relationship with the secondary market. For most popular events, the secondary market is much larger than the primary market, regardless of the price or amount of tickets available. AlphaWallet block chain technology and ERC875 helps much on the "free market under control", If you want to learn more about the experiment, please get the report or contact directly on or join AlphaWallet community

Download the report from this link:

ALPHAWALLET AlphaWallet (Stormbird Pte. Ltd.) is a blockchain startup focused on Layer 2, Offchain blockchain protocol development and consumer terminal application platform development to Improve the usability, performance and privacy of blockchain. The AlphaWallet App is an Ethereum smart contract tool and a protocol runtime platform for the average consumer. ERC 875 is a non-fungible token standard for business cases. Developers and businesses can easily use ERC 875 token to refer to People, Things, Objects and Rights in the physical or digital world, and achieve efficient atomic transaction.

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