Shanghai, Sep 12: AlphaWallet Meetup during Wanxiang International blockchain week

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Welcome to join our meetup in Shanghai, Victor and Weiwu will give 2 talks on the FIFA World Cup blockchain tickets, Identity done right on Ethereum, Sep 12 in Shanghai Fanhe Jinrong Cafe, Hope to see you!

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Talk 1: Lessons learned from tokenising the FIFA World Cup Tickets on Ethereum by Victor Zhang

In June 2018, we set out to solve some of the biggest problems plaguing the ticketing industry, namely fraud and lack of regulation in the secondary market.

We partnered with Shankai Sports (an exclusive agent for FIFA in the Great China region) to issue FIFA World CUP tickets using our non fungible standard ERC875. 28 customers who had never touched cryptocurrencies before, used our tokens to enter the game & we would like to share what we learned solving ticketing fraud and using smart contracts to regulate the secondary market.

Along the way, we implemented an atomic swap system to allow our ticket holders to safely sell and transfer their tickets to others and thought aloud about implementing KYC via cryptographic identity protocols that improve event safety. We would love to share our learnings and give a few nuggets of wisdom to anyone thinking of creating solutions with Ethereum and other blockchain technologies. †

Speaker's Bio: Victor Zhang has 3 years experience in blockchain, over 10 years business experience with 7 years experience managing multinational teams and businesses across Asia countries(Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, India).

Successfully opened up APAC business for 360experience from zero, 360experience is one of the 3 business units under Ticketbis which was acquired by eBay @US$165 million in 2016. Serial entrepreneur,started 5 businesses in Australia, China, HK and Singapore. Started researching blockchain since 2014 and attempted to use blockchain technology to restructure the event ticketing industry. BTC and ETH investor. Wing Chun and boxing beginner.

Talk 2: Identity done right on Ethereum by Weiwu Zhang

In 2017, uPort and ERC725 experimented with blockchain identity using identity contracts. In practise, a cunning observer can link the identity proofs to its user’s identity by indexing all interactions to that identity contract. Furthermore, a user who provides proof of age to buy a beer may leak information about the user’s other attributes. Weiwu Zhang and Tore Frederiksen have a solution to mitigate these issues by using Merkle Tree attestations. There is a paper† and they are working on a reference implementation. This talk is about the design and considerations for Ethereum identity attestations. †

Speaker's Bio: Weiwu Zhang is AlphaWallet's co founder and CTO. He has over 5 years experience in the blockchain space and was an early adopter and advocate of Bitcoin. Before joining AlphaWallet, Weiwu was the blockchain architect for the largest financial institution in Australia. He has personally lead over 12 blockchain projects, including identification on blockchain, inter-bank mortgages, post trade processing, cross institutional fund management, trustworthy financial communications, inter-chain asset exchange and mobile wallets. Weiwu also has a strong security and cryptography background and focuses much of his time on open source development.

Date 7PM -10 PM, Sep 12


泛合金融咖啡俱乐部, 红酒区 上海市虹口区北外滩东大名路588号1楼