AlphaWallet 1.0 Official release, the Mobile Blockchain Gateway

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The team at Stormbird is pleased to announce the release of AlphaWallet, the first ever crypto wallet to support ERC875 non-fungible tokens plus Ether and ERC20 tokens. We aim to be the platform for facilitating products and services on chain to deliver real world value and use cases.

At this current time, the most commonly used token type is ERC20, a standard for fungible tokens which are interchangeable and do not differ, e.g. 1 usd = 1 usd. While these token types are useful, they cannot represent a unique item.

Many items both physical and virtual are unique, such as your identity, used car or airline ticket. Let’s suppose a ticket is to be sold in the form of a token, it must have some additional personalized data such as what event it is, which seat and who is the ticket owner and issuer.

ERC20 is also unable to innately handle complex functionality, such as atomic swaps or additional details like the ones mentioned above. This is a big limitation as many items are more complex than this and require such information. ERC20 also lacks a clear implementation for trading and as a result, it also requires both the buyer and seller to have ether when they want to securely trade their tokens.

ERC875 helps mitigate this by requiring only the buyer to have to have ether in a trade and it allows each token to encode complex data about what the token is supposed to represent. This allows the user to understand important details about the tokens they have. The first use case our wallet will be handling is ticketing and for a limited amount of time anyone around the world will be allowed to buy and sell ERC875 World Cup tickets securely without having to worry about fraud.

Our development team is based in Singapore and lead by Weiwu Zhang, a blockchain architect with experience leading over 12 blockchain projects over the last 5 years and was a blockchain expert at the largest financial institution in Australia. He has also given guidance to the R3 community and has extensive knowledge in the space since the early days of Bitcoin.

Our iOS and Android apps will be open source in the near future, however in the interest of our users we will only open up the codebase once we have finished the comprehensive security audit by the firm Sigma Prime. Once open, developers from around the world will be able to make contributions and review the source code on GitHub.

Our official website is and if you require community support you can click here for access to our community forum:, and welcome to join our telegram group

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