Recommend to show Etheruem address and make wallet title clickable

The new UI in αW look better but I noticed something inconvenient

If I am not sure what ethereum account I'm using, the only clue I have is this:

Graphical cue, such as this circular account icon, only works when the users are 'trained' with text. Ideally, there should be something like '0x80932a147...' near the colourful account, and after weeks the user will start to associate the icon with '0x80932a147...'.

Furthermore, if the user wishes to copy the ethereum address, he will try to click the wallet. however, the word "Wallet" does not look clickable. It start to look clickable only after the user named his wallet:


And even that is not clickable.

The correct way to do that is to click the QR button, which will provide a QR code for the current wallet. But on Android, clicking that QR button immediate turns on camera, which results in a permission dialogue, to which the user will instantly feel they clicked the wrong button; after all the user wanted to see the address and its qr code, not to scan someone elses' qr code.

Some ideas to solve the inconvenience are:

  • Make the title (wallet name) clickable, which opens up a screen where the QR code, the address and the editable title are all together.
  • Always display the leading digit and last digits like Metamask does: unnamed

I got your concerns. Let me explain.

Let's say that you have a banking app. You have one account with 3 sub-accounts. How do you know that you are looking at sub-account A and not B? There are some visual clues, like your balance.

In our case, we have a naming feature. Maybe we can make it more prominent, but I would not force users to remember "0x80003344..." Naming is good enough. You can name your wallet "0x352...3423" if you prefer to. So maybe instead we make it easier for users to rename wallets? Currently, you have to go to Settings -> Name your wallet. We can add this option to the top-right menu (three dots icon).

Screenshot 2022-01-07 at 09.11.50

What do you mean by the QR button? I see we have a camera icon (triggers a camera with a QR code scanner) and the three dots in the top right. Did you have a chance to use "three dots"?

I tested this with 3 people, and they all found the wallet address in the top-right menu. One of them - my girlfriend found it after 5 seconds without understanding what "a wallet address is". And that was her first choice.

I wouldn't say what MetaMask did is correct. You just get used to it, create a mental model, and remember it. But I wouldn't copy them. Maybe after a few tests, which validate if an assumption is true or not on a significant number of people.

Another part is the culture. When Gutenberg first invented the movable-type printing press, all Europeans got used it and people finally got out of illiteracy. I recently read a whole book about it. So we learn how to process a combination of letters and render them in our brain as words, sentences.

With the Chinese language (and most of East Asian which are influenced by Chinese) you read differently. You have symbols that allow you to process the meaning quicker. While it was something unusual to process European letter combinations to a Chinese person, right now it's changing. We (as a Western world) are moving towards illiteracy to some extend. We have emojis, icons, symbols, video. While for a European person this is something new, for a Chinese person is "as happy as a clam at high tide". You are much better at this. It's more natural. But we still rely on the combination of letters. And since the app is mainly in English, we have to stick to it.

What about, when the user hasn't set a name in the wallet and doesn't have an ENS, we display the address "0xabcd…deca" instead of "Wallet" in the title? The word "Wallet" is already shown in the tab bar anyway. Feels like an improvement. Is there any downside?