Labeling wallets?

Is there going to be a feature that allows you to name each wallet. I’ve got my metamask wallet imported into Alpha and my original wallet but the only way I can tell the difference is by remembering how much ETH is in each. From a user.

Yes we will support the feature but we need more testing. Let me explain why.

It's easy to add such a feature but difficult to not to confuse it with ENS. Let's say that AlphaWallet supports displaying the ENS name of a wallet "BobShop", the user Bob can send that name to a customer to receive money. One day he creates another wallet which does not have an ENS name, but he labelled it "BobStash", then in another day he forgot that BobStash is just an internal label, and sent an invoice with it. The other person who has BobStash as ENS name will get the money instead of Bob.

Of course, we are going to use some visual cue so the user knows which word is "internal label" and which is "ENS name", for example, let the internal label be icon representations like what Netflix identify their user with (this will work until ENS also supports iconified representation;) But we need to test to make sure the visual cue is not confusing and serves its purpose. Once that is done off we go with a new release.

Previously, display ENS name in wallet page is a very bad idea, as one wallet address can have unlimited ENS name. I saw the new ENS allow the user to choose one ENS name to display for each wallet.

For ENS,could this be useful ? @hboon @JamesB