When to Fork in AlphaWallet

Hello, I am a junior developer and I have 3 use case questions about Alpha:1.

I created wallet apis that allow our MERN communicate to our React Native bridge of Alpha, so that, our Reward JWTs can sit in the Alpha Wallet alongside any USDC token converted or separately bought on chain in Alpha. Based upon your article https://medium.com/alphawallet/how-to-make-your-own-mobile-blockchain-app-in-3-hou[…]b16accdfc%20, it appears that I'll need to create a fork for our JWT i.e. "private network" so that it can be recognized in our RN version of Alpha. Is this correct?

  1. Ive created a seedphrase functionality for the Holder as well as a 4 digit PIN prompt on a) accessing the wallet and b) before allowing the Holder to send any token transfers. The conversion of my JWT to USDC happens through the Circle Payments API, but it can occur directly in Alpha through a ERC-20 and ERC-721, correct? if so, I want to use a SCaaS like this Home | libsimba-js Please confirm this is also possible in Alpha, how is managed, etc.

  2. I will adding a DeFi feature in the next sprint, connecting to a DeFi Xchange through their apis to my backend and App, its a pretty simple feature that I'm adding off my Main Alpha Wallet screen. Will I also need to fork for this in Alpha like the JWT?

Thanks in advance.

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