Some means to manage tokens

I have more than 50 tokens on mainnet and more on other networks. I don’t want to show all the tokens on my wallet home page, but I don’t want to delete them either, as I may want to use some of them later.

An “enabled token filter” can be useful.

It also enables 0 balance token card, it can be useful for users to use TokenScript without having a token yet.

There are a few concepts that are related that we might or might not mix together:

  1. Swipe to hide a token
  2. An edit mode like screen which shows the complete list of tokens to hide/show
  3. The search bar is actually a form of filtering, so it's related to (2)
  4. We can type a contract address/name/"ERC20"/"ERC875"/"ERC7721" into the search bar to search
  5. We can expand (4) to provide buttons in the search bar, like "ERC20", "balance > 0", "show hidden", etc that act as toggles for filters
  6. If the user types a contract address into the search bar and finds nothing, we can let the user tap to add a custom token (like hitting the + button now, which we can still choose to retain)

When you mention that there are too many tokens, I was reminded of:

  • day traders baptised with the new broker apps which is the combination of market watch tool and investment client. The user might keep a token in view just to observe the price. In their words, this is "Favourite" (when balance is 0) or "Invested" (when balance is not 0).

  • New crypto users looking to get a clue of blockchain might be bombarded with airdorp tokens. They might choose to hide a token as iOS already did.

  • If the user treat our wallet as an information gateway, then of course the key word is search. e.g. find me all ERC875 tokens. In this case we probably should show token's market price together in the search result.

With the concept of SmartToken, the wallet page is the place for both ”investments” and ” utility”. It becomes a mixer of ”bank account” and ”app home page”, as we not only have token balance in each token card also have rich functions.

So I think there will be a new type of ”filter” which allows user to quickly find their investments and apps.

One way that can help with this is tags. Either automatic or manually by users. But again, have to strive for a balance between simplicity and power.