Running MAKE gives error

Hi, I found this project and find it a brilliant fit for my project so I wanted to test it out. I'm stuck at the beginning, as I get the following error while running make EntryToken.canonicalized.xml

Do you guys have suggestions?

Hi @ingig sorry for the delay, we're aware of this issue currently and are fixing it - we haven't been very active on furthering the TokenScript language for the past few months due to focussing on infrastructure and cryptography to properly support it.

We're very much focussing on TokenScript now. You may be interested to check this demo project:

It mints a token with a TokenScript embedded using our new standard ERC5169, and creates the TokenScript which is then linked to the Token. If you open the token in your wallet you can communicate with an IoT device - the firmware for the device is given by the site, based on the Token you created.

Soon we will update this sample and include more generic Token use cases.

Hey @JamesB

Thanks for the reply, better late than never :slight_smile:

I tried the link and minted with the default token_metadata and it works well, do you have a link to the default token_metadata and smart contract itself so that I can take a look into it?

I would suggest adding the links to that page.

Yes good idea! I have been intending to do that but needed to shift to different things.

It would be useful to directly access the tokenscript and contract code.