Casebook writing style: the "story style" or the "hurried-manager style"

I was with Boon today talking about producing a TL;DR version of the book case.

There are 2 Modes.

First is to narrate it like a story, a fight between light and darkness. Here comes the hero, glories but with problems presented and difficulty overcame. Let's call it Story Mode.

The second is to tell it like a hurried-manager style. Imagine a CTO of a big bank whose mind is fixed to a problem-solution pattern. If her daughter says "the pretty patio is painted pink", instead of imagining a beautiful lazy afternoon with tea and book, he would ask, "my darling, what is the problem of your solution?" She would shyly admit that the teacher asks a sentence to be made with the letter P. 𝑝𝑢𝑓𝑓! The beautiful story is gone and here comes the hash reality. Such a CTO would read the first page, expect a problem-solution pattern, and use the 1st page as "Take-away". Since it is already Taken-away, there is no need to actually read the rest 7 pages. Any story untold after 1st page will never be heard. Let's call it "Solution Mode".

We feel that our reader is closer to the second mode, so we renovated the first page to make it a "take-away", separate it into 2 columns, "The problem" vs "The solution".

Have a look and tell me which version would work better. Only the 1st and 2nd page differs.

The story mode:Nozama Story.pdf (1.7 MB)

The Solution mode (the V.S. mode): Nozama Solution.pdf (1.7 MB)

I think the problem should be "No right tools for tokenisation", so the token is grounded inside a DApp or a small market.

The solution is TokenScript which makes tokenisation possible, making the token "mature" can "fly" freely in the frictionless market. and more important can be used in different systems to add an integration layer for web

How about a few pictures or animation to explain?

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I think the problem should be "No right tools for tokenisation", so the token is grounded inside a DApp or a small market.

The narrative of nozama story is:

  • lack of free market = the problem
  • tokenisation = the solution

What you suggested is:

  • using dapp = the problem
  • using Tokenscrtip = the solution

I understand you intend to show Tokenscript as a solution, not Tokenisation as a solution through the use of Tokenscript. I also understand that you feel introducing Tokenisation presents a difficulty for developers who framed their thinking into "how to make a Dapp to do that" mindframe.

I feel what you ask for requires substantial rework on the existing 8-pager. Correcting the wrong concept is usually more difficult than showing the right. I hope some community help can come to correct the wrong, so I can focus on doing the right.

Need a series of articles, and repeat it to public again, again and again

1st article: sort blockchain's utilities into 2 Cat: frictionless market and integration web

2nd article: everything is token, token is everything. define the token

3nd article: tokenization is the key to get the 2 blockchain utilities (The first 3 also can be one article)

4th article: problem with current tokenisation tools and how TokenScript helps

5th article: how AlphaWallet works with Tokenised everything.

I prefer the second pdf, the nozamasolution.