Warned user not to share twice on showing seed phrase, zero time on backup seed phrase

If a user wants to show the seed phrase, he gets the warning "do not share" 2 times.

First time:


The second time is after the user clicks "show seed phrase" and the next screen title has "do not share with anyone" in it.


If the user choose "backup seed phrase", we warn them 0 time, since the first and 2nd screen after user clicks "backup seed phrase" doesn't have "do not share" warning.

I suggest converting the do-not-share screen from a screen to a pop up dialogue with one action button "I will not share". There is only one way to end the dialogue, which is click a button "I will not share". Such a diagoue can be re-used between

  • the backup seed phrase screen (either at the beginning or after user written down the seed phrase)
  • the show seed phrase screen.

I explained before that pop-up dialogues should be avoided, since semantically it means "𝑏𝑢𝑡 things are not okay, read this" - while a next-step screen is preferred, it means "everything is okay you can go on".

But, this is the scenario where we need semantic 𝑏𝑢𝑡, so I'd go for a reusable-popup design.

In the case of "show seed phrase", the pop up can cover the seed phrase so its removal reveals the seed phrase, so there is no need for a separate green action button "Show Seed Phrase". All a user can do at that time is to go back.

What if we just add one more screen to the backup flow? I think it's better to be linear, display 1 piece of information per screen, without combining bottom sheets, modals, etc. I understand the "but" however you are assuming that people are reading dialogs/popups. They don't.

First option https://invis.io/M8127VW12V7W

Second option https://invis.io/PA127VXJYMZ5