Tokenscript Buttons

What if instead of placing action buttons at the bottom of the screen we would have them right below the card? And we keep green for primary action, then gray outline for all secondaries.

All in one

The screens looks nicer. It feels like it's because of both graphic and spatial tweaks unrelated to the action button as well as the position of the action buttons. There are a few reasons to support keeping the buttons at the bottom:

  • Consistency — we have screens like import/watch wallet where similar looking buttons are at the bottom
  • It is easier to reach with 1-hand
  • Users can grow to expect that most buttons are at the bottom in the app. In this particular case, they aren't fix vertically because the content above the button have varying height.
  • The buttons scroll off the screen, so users will have to scroll to tap the button, whereas we can let the buttons at the bottom float. It's probably sufficient to tap to scroll to top on iOS, but it's almost definitely a 2-handed operation for many.

I like how the action buttons are in 2 columns — looks nice and solves the problem where we have variable number of actions.

We wouldn't be able to figure out/indicate a primary action for now, though it might be a good enhancement for TokenScript at some point.

It seems to make more sense to move them up for ERC 20s than non-fungibles as the buttons break up the token information and transaction history for the former. But then we introduce some UI inconsistency.

What's the rationale for moving them up?

As an aside, maybe you were just showing other concepts (so this isn't important), but it looks like the big images (CryptoKitty, mother-in-law, etc) will look better if they are stretched to be almost edge-to-edge, width-wise? Or even completely edge to edge.

PS: Logistic-wise, I found the "All in one" much more useful to refer to. The standalone images were too big and harder to take in, if that saves you some time to upload them.

Imagine 5,6,7 action buttons sticked to the bottom. Even with 3 it does not look good.

It's easier to remove an app by one hand if you see something like this.

If the CryptoKitty screen has 7 green action buttons in the middle, would it give the same impression?

@hboon If you perceive this as a static image then I agree - it gives a similar impression (if you swipe down to the see all action buttons one above each other).

But, if you swipe up and down it has a vastly different experience. And it's hard to argue that mobile users are not swiping all the time.

Compare these two, please: A. B.

I think 4 buttons on a mobile is maximum, if more than 4 actions, there can be a "more actions" button