Security risks with WalletConnect?

Test on With Trust Wallet

If it is safe, we should consider to add this feature.

Yeah it’s a standard that enables the same UX of login with WeChat. Very good concept to bridge between mobile and web or even as an additional security step.

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“Now visit any of the dapps that have integrated with WalletLink (listed below, with more on the way)”

This is also how WalletConnect works, right? The Dapps has to explictly support WalletConnect/WalletLink.

What I suggested earlier was to build an extension like MetaMask, but instead of holding the wallet keys in the extension, delegate that (and signing) to the mobile apps.

Dapps don’t have to do any work to add support.

(I haven’t thought through this completely, but it sounds like it would work).


Yes, yours is better for DApp dev but not good UX for user, they have to install one more extension


Ah, right of course. But the pitch would be, “You already have our mobile app. Now, Install 1 browser extension and you can access any dapp with it”.

Yes, similarly for other wallet apps. It seems so much harder and fragile to get each Dapp to add support. web3 itself is already quite fragile.