My Wallet Address - display ENS

Is it possible to display ENS (if set for a public address)? The one on the left is what we have at the moment, the middle one what we can have, the right one my new concept.


Might have to tie in with how address book and especially the list of wallets work for consistency. There were discussions about whether addresses in the list of wallets should show their corresponding ENS name or an app-specific label (like the “business” or “personal” wallet). I don’t think there was a conclusion to that.

But then this screen is often meant to be used for copying the name/address to be used by a sender so displaying the ENS name that is obtained from the reverse lookup makes sense no matter what we do for the other screens.

Then again, if the name/address is meant to be used by the sender, maybe we should include a share button at least for iOS to share the address or/and name? Then the user might be able to save a few steps to send the information.

After do more research, I agree with @JamesB, we can display the ENS name in wallet list.