What are the things yield-farming users do daily?

What I know is that a Uniswap pool user would check the incoming UNI tokens as well as the current X and Y currency balance, and accumulated income. Is other yield-farming users doing the same?

it's really too bad this community isn't more active... tokenscript seems like the obvious solution to a lot of questions that really are not even being asked by the broader cryptospace. for someone who doesn't know anything able coding this seems like it would also be much easier to wrap my mind around - coding in general is too abstract for me and seems to imply too much.

but i digress, to offer some insight, i've learned two things since teaching myself how to actively trade:

  • you will find two types of people teaching others how to trade online. one selling 'spaghetti art charts' and one who is lying to you because he took the other guys money.
  • price follows liquidity; nothing else.

anyways, i guess what i mean by that is that no one who is doing anything like this successfully (trading, yield farming, etc) is going to be sharing their ideas with the general public. the 'whales' that have accumulated enough only keep it by also keeping quiet. it is too easy to move the market with larger orders (and for a whale, an 'order' usually means an entry [retail trader stop loss] or a take profit [retail trader stop loss] otherwise at a certain point the size of an order may just end up costing what they have made once you calculate slippage.

the best thing we can do as retail traders is to manage our wallet because wallet management is also risk management. and by definition is you have managed your funds correctly then each time you move them it would only be because the funds would also have moved into profit. doesn't matter if it is claiming a yield at a time when gas is cheap in order to take profit or swap it and compound the earnings.

so just be methodical, keep a good portfolio that makes sense to you, and dont complicate a strategy to the point where its no longer possible to keep atleast a general idea of where all of your funds are at any given moment (in which 'farm', open positions/trades, what exchanges, wallets, etc) WITHOUT needing to look at your portfolio. save it for the details and refining your investment approach.