TokenScript #40

// let's suppose there is window.tokens

// start with minimum (strawman)

window.tokens.playCard("CardName", callback);

// token not specified.
// tokenscript trust is implied

// let's say we got token in this.token before this line

this.token.playCard(CardName, trustCondition, callback);

// trustCondition being:

// another problem: no parameters.

BarterCardToken.cardPlay("Pay", attrs, callback, trustCondtion, expiry);

// now let's say the website wants to update 'amount'

BarterCardToken.cardUpdate("Pay", attrs)

// hide details on WalletConnect etc, and when to present choices of
// which wallet to connect to if no existing choices

// deck building is another set of API.

// Borrow the API design from ApplePay, Android Pay and Stripe
// note that you can pay with AliPay on mobile when buying on PC

/* The type information in the JS api for structured data */
/* 712 */