Token Management

First, I would like to add swiping Table View Cell to trigger a contextual menu (let's call this contextual swipe). This is an example of the Spark app. Note that this is different behavior than swiping to reveal a menu, then tap an option. Here, depending on how far you swipe, you can trigger a different action.


For us, I would like to add 2 actions at the beginning. So when you swipe left (no matter how far), you trigger one action (Send). If you swipe left, another action (Hide Token or Hide).


This is just a shortcut. You will have "Send" button at the bottom when you open a token anyway.


Manage Tokens

In regards to "Hide" contextual menu, you can also hide a token that you don't want to be displayed in the Wallet tab. Then, you can "Manage Tokens", where you decide to display or hide a token.

"Manage Tokens" is not visible from scratch. You can reveal this button the same way you are revealing Search box (you flick down, native iOS). But when someone dropped you a token, you can see a notification that there is a new token, not displayed. You decide to "Ignore" - it goes to hidden tokens, or you hit "+ to move a token to displayed. If needed, we can also add ability to tap, hold and move cells to reorder tokens.

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