Token integrate with calendar

another interesting integration point, calendar integration, with TS, it should not be difficiult to integrate a token with calendar. for example our ticket.

Depends on the level of integration though.

  • Easy if you have a ticket and you click the calendar entry of that ticket to display a token card which gives the QR code for entering the venue. People hate switching apps. This will allow them to enter the venue from where event notification is.

  • A bit more difficult if you have a ticket which, upon receiving the event organizer's notification (an attestation), changes its slot. Or if an airline ticket is cancelled, its calendar entry is automatically removed.

  • Even more difficult if you extend a 1h event to 2h and automatically create a transaction to buy more time (consider a patron-escort situation, or the case you prolong a payment channel)

  • The most difficult to tokenise is an invitiation with flexible dates. Let's say a doctor tokenising his free time, and a patient purchases one slot. Both needs to find a common slot from each other's calendar without knowing in detail what is on the other person's calendar (not even a free/busy calendar since that gives away privacy) Some cryptographic protocol would be needed.