Questions about EIP-1386/1387/1388

I just read about EIP-1386/1387/1388, which are great ideas proposed by AlphaWallet Team.
However, when it comes to code, I saw only interfaces without implementations.
Can anyone elaborate some details about the implementations of the 3 EIPs?
For example, how to validate an attestation, how salted Merkle trees enable link-ability to the original source, etc.


The work is part of the attestation framework. It has 3 parts:

  • First, a set of interfaces which puts together a way to assert who is the right signer of attestation and how to revoke. This is in the scope of the 3 EIPs (conceptually they are in one group, but the time of writing, ERCs has a tendency of "one interface per EIP" so we followed).

  • Second, a format for attestation One can simply say it's formatted as "Ethereum Signed Message: I attest that xxx." but that wouldn't be very extendable, compact and secure. EIP1387 has a merkle based format which again isn't extensible. Work is being done through Thursday weekly TokenScript meeting. The latest work on attestation is posted as a meeting minutes and an introduction of why this work is needed can be found in an article

  • Third, a smart-contract attestation parser factory, which automatically generates attestation validation code to be used in a smart contract. Naturally it needs to wait for the design.

When all 3 pieces are put together you get a powerful attestation framework.

So the reason that these EIP hasn't been implemented and updated is that we are working on the other ends (2nd and 3rd) components which haven't produced an interface yet. Again "one interface one ERC" thinking affected us, hence no new interface to propose = no EIP. We should change that work style.

You are welcome to use the interfaces or propose changes if you are happy to go with the simple "Ethereum Signed Message: I attest that xxx." if you need something to be done sooner than we can produce a spec.

Eager to hear what project you are using attestation with!

Our Team is working on proposing a new EIP about ‘Rule Set’. I read some related EIPs(including your 3 EIPs) to see what were already done in the community. Currently our EIP is under research and discussion, still in early stages. We'll inform you if you would like to know once we have got progress. Thanks anyway for your reply.