NFT coming up as the next hype?

Reading this makes me think

You can find NFT related conferences in their latest tweets.

Will post some ongoing thoughts as I read through NFT hype. issued $RARI as a governance token. This is a token earned by buying and selling NFTs. Racoons are wash-trading NFTs to earn $RARI. This is a problem for original intent of the governance token. Rarible has voted in buy/sell fees to attempt prevention. Idea: Can Attestation be used to help define unique buyers/sellers, perhaps through a membership token, so that wash trading can be prevented? Perhaps incentivise that if the user attests himself, he can have no-fee marketplace. No attestation = keep the 3-5% fees. has began experimenting with NFTs as collateral for loans. This is extremely nascent, with less than 100 users and maybe 60-100k loaned so far. Parallel to this, you start having the "Banksys" of the NFT space, like who now represent 25% of SuperRare sales, along other valuable artist names. Idea: But it brings the question... If I buy an NFT from a famous artist, can I use attestation to make sure its indeed his work? Otherwise what prevents me from creating fakes from Murat Pak? If I want to accept an artpiece as collateral to my loan,how can I make sure the borrower's collateral is the real deal?