NEST token

Victor asked me to look into NEST token both in terms of prioritisation (how important it is to the ecosystem) and tokenscript (how can we make it more useful).

I did a quick google search, most in the 1 and 2nd page of Google search "Nest Token" is about tokens (non-eth) used in NEST protocol (IoT, unrelated). The relevant ones are (by the order of appearance)

Google search

  1. Coingecko price chart of the token
  2. article this June congratulating NEST token's inclusion to the Coinbase price. Coinbase is more select, listing only 736 tokens (coinmarketcap lists about 10 times more tokens), so getting into that shortlist is a call for celebration. Note that "coinbase price" is not the list of tokens you can buy using coinbase app.
  3. AlphaWallet's announcement that it supports NEST


NETS newsletter ranks NEST as the 2nd token on Ethereum in terms of 24-hour trade volume:


Coinmarketcap, however, rank it 265th in terms of 24h trade volume, albeit that list mixes ERC20 and non-ERC20 tokens. I would say for a price oracle to be ranked 265th is pretty good.


Potential Customers

I checked with our friend Bokky of his choice of price feed. He provided an ordered list:


ChainlinkV4, ChainlinkV6, MakerDAO, and general adaptor interfaces (BYO)

When I asked if he considers adding other price feed the answer is Open Price Feed.

I only did so much research in a short 45-minute window. Will post more in this thread if I find something.

2_Decentralized_Price_Input.pdf (151.8 KB)


2 main utilities for nest token, get dividend( all the 1% fee and all the future income from oracle), and voting

without real usage of the oracle, clearly, in general, if we put all the miner as a whole, the miner is losing money, because all they get is nest token which is ≤ 1% fee they paid.


  1. with the dividend, it make individual miner feels, if he is clever than other miner, he is able to get ≥ 1% fee he paid
  2. with the hope of future income from oracle
  3. with the hope of nest token price increase
  4. The cost of getting nest through mining is cheaper than buy from market (if it is cheaper than mining, people will buy from market, then makes the price go up….. If it is higher than mining, people will mine it)

Miners are willing to mine it.

I was wondering why Dappbirds would rank NEST as 2nd by trade volumn while Coinmarketcap ranks it 265th.

Then I got an ad email, saying that it is from a ranking business and we are shortlisted to be ranked top in some ranking and ask if I am interested in further discussing the topic.