Need a use case of a token which shows both market and Intergration.

Need to make it "real"

Suggest using house, book or ticket token as an example.

eg house token

  1. need to have all the related tokens and attestations (demo ready)
  2. a "fake" marketplace DApp for rendering the token and acting as a marketplace for sell/buy
  3. a "fake" Airbnb DApp
  4. a "fake" collateralise DApp
  5. a "fake" open door button which links to a demo door lock(James B changed our office door system)
  6. a "fake" Gov DApp to provide services to the house owner and etc, the more the beter.

Seeing is believing, a working "fake" demo is more powerful.

  1. What do you mean by real? Given that your examples are physical, do you meant π‘β„Žπ‘¦π‘ π‘–π‘π‘Žπ‘™ by π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘Žπ‘™? Or do you mean eBook when you say Book? I see how physical goods is useful for presenting a vision, but I don't feel it being practical in 5 years, because in the previous party brick and mortar came the last. (Property 1% ownership token can be realised in less than 5 years, but integrations on property ownership is unlikely going to happen in 5 years, I feel.)

  2. I will be focusing on the design and the paper for design in the coming month. Who can we inspire to create content? I created the book-token because I feel it is unlikely anyone can get to understand it straight through whitepaper, but that took a week's effort and feels like a pyrrhic victory. Doing it for another case burns me out.

β€œreal” means people can see the token in their wallet, can use it on ”services”(not real, just for demo), can see it in different marketplaces(demo only).

”” means it not really representing any real right or value, just a fake token to show the ideas

Okay I see, you need a storyboard of graphics of a token and how they are used in imaginary context (e.g. your "fake" marketplace Dapp), right?

If we change your earlier request A 8 pages brochure to show case how tokenization β€œhelp” with car use case into a request for a storyboard for the same thing, would it work to your need?

not only story board, need to be clickable. I feel property is better than car, as we have NFT IoT lock system already.