Explain token with this article: feedback before publishing?

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Hey @weiwu.zhang I liked the use case exploration and vision at the end. The intro before Jonh Wick seems a bit rough, perhaps I would suggest smoothing out some of the language to help readers onboard the article more easily? for example,

and perhaps 𝑐) subway tokens are perfunctory while crypto-tokens are functional, courtesy of Smart Contract.


and perhaps 𝑐) subway tokens are without much thought, while crypto-tokens are functional, courtesy of Smart Contracts.

would it make sense?

Very nice definition of tokens. Very clear, never seen it in this way, explicitly.

The examples about John's last will stake are funny and creative. Could be a plot of a 21th century crime novel. You idea about how to increase length of live with a smart contract stake is interesting, while I didn't get it fully. Would it only work with token?

I like the hotel story. This is a good example. While reading I was not so concentrated, maybe because it was at the end of a long story, so my attention was weak, and I had to read it again to understand. This is usually a hint that something it should be made shorter. So I tried, only a little bit:

Imagine that you have a travel plan across Europe. You were to stay in Madrid for a few days and have already booked a hotel. Then your mobile assistent notifies you that can sell your hotel in Madrid and stay in the nearby Aranjuez instead because the Madrid hotel price surged for an event you weren’t interested in. The new plan, however, allows you to visit Madrid through day trips and save more money to add a stop in Provence while you are later in France. If you agree, with the click of a button it shuffles related trains and venues tickets in an instant.

I like the ending, the alternative to tokenization is giant amazon and google. Imho this is an important point. It all comes down to the middlemen and account scenario. If you have no token, any digital values / representations of values / of stakes in a contract are in the account and don't belong to you, but to the server of some mostly american company.

While reading I made some notes abour grammar / typo.

In fact, all tickets β€” be it train ticket, plane ticket, Disney land ticket β€” are tokens.

--> imho it should be: β€” be it train tickets, plane tickets, Disney land tickets β€”

The concept of a token as a representation of the stake in a contract, and enables a contract to execute is nothing new.

--> imho should be: of the stake in a contract that enables a contract to execute

This definition of Token as a stake in the smart contract might look like a deviation from the ICO tokens, but ICO tokens is a stake in the contract

--> should be but ICO tokens are stakes in the contract

An insurance company will be able to insure your car without uploading document proofs. Like a computer system is should recognise your token.

--> like a computer systme IT should recognise your token.

All of your suggestions and Daniel's are addressed and the article is updated, pending a fiverr to deliver the final screen illustration.