Constant values in JS

Let's say I have a server address and/or an address designator I'm communicating with, for example it is the address assigned to an IoT module I need the script to communicate with.

Currently I can add the address to each script as a variable but this is inefficient if I have multiple scripts in the TokenScript file.

So I propose something like this:

I add a constant attribute like this:

    <ts:attribute-type id="iotAddr" syntax="">
               <ts:constant as="utf8">0xC1AB71408395235416AFC97F0E7A0B144ED34AAD</ts:constant>

and then can be accessed in any JavaScript/HTML card as a normal attribute. This address will be used multiple times across multiple script modules.

I agree that look like the way to go. Let me integrate that into the Jan 2010 schema which I'm working on now.