Activity Cards

I am a bit puzzles about Activity Cards. What are they?

As I understand it, they are like a library of actions attached to a token: Actions which already happens - in this case they are a history of the token - and actions which are possible.

Are these actions only actions of action cards, or any action of a token, like a simple transaction?

Activity cards on the user's level are just things related to the token you have. It is tightly related to something called "Data Objects" in TokenScript.

  • Things already happened. Like 'You received 1 cryptokitty and paid 1Eth". These are typically described by events (a kind of DataObject)
  • Cheque. Like "Here is a voucher that you can redeem for 1 cryptokitties". Cheque is a data object.
  • A protocol component. Like "If you don't open the previous commit before midnight your cross-chain transaction will have failed"
  • A future blockchain event that is set to happen, like "Your subscription expires by the end of this month".

We will only support the 1st type of activity by the next release.